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Tips for taking a good photo with a cell phone

A photo needs certain functions to be able to capture people's attention, mainly a good frame, which has been taken with the appropriate settings and in the best possible conditions, among others. Before starting the article, I recommend that you check the website for photographers and see some examples.

Next, 5 things will be shown to take better photos with your cell phone.

1. You have to know how the camera application works on your cell phone. Some phones have the ability to adjust the light level that will be shown in the photo, make sure not to overexpose the photo (do not fill it to a very high light level) or underexpose it (lower the light level too much). the application is set to take the photos in the highest resolution to obtain the highest possible image quality.

2. Frame your photograph (a good tip). A good way to achieve this is to learn how the rule of thirds works, a composition rule in photography, basically what this rule does is imagine a grid when taking a photo, and that the subject, or the center of attention , is located in one of the intersections. If you want to go further, there are tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere on how to frame an image for different subjects in photography such as portraits, landscapes, etc.

3. You have to find the best conditions for the photo to look good. Professional cameras have larger sensors than phones that allow more light to enter the photo and that is why they perform better in low light situations, with cell phones the opposite happens, so it is important to find good conditions to take the photo. Not everyone carries a camera all the time, if the phone is the only thing at hand and the conditions are not good, that is not a factor for not taking the photo.

4. One of the things that really helps a photo stand out is editing. There are many applications to edit photos from your cell phone, some of the best are VSCOcam and Snapseed, they have tools to adjust technical issues such as saturation, contrast, among other things. They also have filters that can give a different look to photography, it is important not to abuse these tools, it is better to take a photo well from the beginning than to try to fix it with editing.

5. There are several ways to make a photo look interesting. Looking for symmetry in photos is something that makes it look cleaner, also finding repetitive patterns, finding different perspectives, detail photos or small objects. These are all ways in which you will discover or change the way you see things and you will be able to show something ordinary in an interesting and different way.

These tips will help you get the most out of your cell phone camera and make your photos not so distinguishable from those of a professional camera for the simple fact that they were taken with the aforementioned.

Do you have other tips? Tell me which in the comments.

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