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The comparison of the best electric scooters

Electric scooters are "scooters" that are literally electric, it's that simple, there's no more to explain.


The great advantage of the so-called "devil's skates" in Mexico is that they reduce the transfer time, because they can be on special lanes where there is no traffic because almost nobody travels them.

Here is a link to see the comparison of the best electric scooters.

Another of the strengths that these electric scooters have, are that being so practical and relatively small, they can be introduced anywhere in the big city, which means they can avoid heavy traffic and reach their destination in less time.

Another point and very important if you are one of the cities that pollute the most in the world is the environment. Caring for the environment is something that is in the minds of many people, because they are always looking for some way to protect it and one of the best ways to do it is using an electric scooter, because it does not operate by burning fossil fuels and therefore , do not generate high CO2 emissions.


One of the little negative points that have the "skates of the devil" (if they have already read the link they will know what it is), is that their recharge time takes much more compared to that of the gas load in a vehicle, because it has to fill your entire tank so that the aforementioned autonomy is obtained.

Another negative point is the poor regulation in some cities. Reference is made that there is no regulation by the government (in cases such as Mexico City and Mexico) that allows users to know where they can handle them, leave them or if they can leave them anywhere. This is because sometimes scooters are usually stolen or "destroyed" by walking in areas not allowed.

Reading the article and the link I left attached, would you buy an electric scooter?
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