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How can Startups benefit from ChatBots

Chatbots continue to conquer hearts, specially among the youngest generations. That is why we are going to talk precisely about how and why startups should also bet on chatbots.

One of the main areas that we can rely on chatbots increasing their presence are customer service or sales, areas which are predicted to adopt chatbots in 2020 by 85%. A large number of tools and frameworks have been released to create chatbots, but only a few target those areas, such as ChatCompose, a chatbot platform for marketing and support.

It is also well known that most of the companies incorporating chatbots into their businesses are those that have large customer support teams, and budget, as is the case with banks.

Now, should small companies and startups invest in this tool? or rather, why should they not? After all, chatbots are marketing tools that are becoming more crucial and cheap, as well as useful in an increasingly amount of processes. But if you still do not see the potential that conversational technology can have in entrepreneurial environments, read the following list.

1. Follow customer trends

Why follow buying patterns and consumer behavior? Basically because it becomes a key element and can open many doors, how to do it? Well with a chatbot.

With the help of conversational technology, you can get to monitor all relevant user data to decide where to influence more when creating your marketing campaigns and what to do. Reaching in this way, ensures greater calue for your money. It does not matter that your business has, for the moment, few clients / users, measuring and analyzing is key to perfecting your business model and the relationship with your customers.

A chatbot can act as a survey or questionnaire to collect answers and thus perform market research that can help your business.

2. Greater customer satisfaction

Without the client a company is nothing. The biggest barrier for newly created companies is trying to impress a customer who does not even know you exist.

Thanks to a chatbot you can get the attention of a potential client thanks to the quick response of your chatbot, at any time, on any day of the week. If your customer is unsure about your product, the chatbot works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, trying to makes sales and respond questions.

3. Increasing market size

Chatbots are very versatile, so much so that they can be polyglots. You can teach your chatbot as many languages ​​as you think convenient. This means that you do not have to center your company in a single country, but you can expand without fear, because your chatbot will help you even with Chinese or Russian.

4. Increase sales

Many startups are born with the aim of converting their service into the next AirBnB or Amazon. To do this, increasing sales is essential and with the help of your chatbot you can do it.

According to research, around 83% of consumers ask for assistance in order to complete an online order. If you integrate a chatbot with direct messaging capability you can meet this demand. And not only with this, you can also increase online sales while reducing costs.

Another way to increase leads and sales is to offer presentations of your product to your customer. To offer these presentations you can install an appointment booking chatbot, to qualify leads and make reservations of appointments in your calendar.

5. And finally, saving money

One of the main benefits we must highlight is the ability to save time and money while providing a quick response to customers who need it.

The resources of a startups during the first months of life are limited. If you are an entrepreneur or have been involved in a startup, you will know how tight the budgets are until the business model has settled. Starting from this base, including a chatbot allows improving customer service without investing a lot of money to do so.

Millenials don't like to wait, so if you can give your client the answer almost instantaneously, it is best. And in case the chatbot can not answer the question ... that's when the human staff comes on the scene, so you only answer to qualified leads and non-basic questions. In addition, it makes an exceptional user experience.
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