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How to survive working from home

Everytime that I talk about my life at work from home, people seem to get jealous. Having to drive for hours to get to the office may not be nice, I get it. But, there are some things that you have to know about working remotely that actually suck.

Yes, sure that are pretty good things about "home office". Being in pajamas all day is sure one of these but, is really good being in pajamas all day?

Is not like I had chosen this life; actually it is a fact that for a lot of jobs that you can do from a computer, especially as a freelancer, isn’t even an option going to the office.

So, I´m going to tell you some things that can help in your -work at home- life, keep it in balance and not going crazy (trust me, to be all day at home, just working and not doing some cooking or gardening, is not that nice).

Keep the conversation.

And not only about work´s issues. Being in an office gives the opportunity to meet new people, make professional contacts, and even find new friends. It doesn't have to be different when you are working from home.

Use slack. Write to your co-workers and ask them about their day, about the kids, or maybe about some new disc that you just heard or some movie on Netflix. Human contact makes good, keeps you in the real world and helps in the laboral weather, it is easier to solve problems with people that you already know.

Turn the music on and loud.

Maybe you wished for this a lot. If you are working in your house and have a nice space where you are not bothering somebody else, you can turn the music on!

Music can help you to get more concentrated in what you are doing, blocking the noise and the activity around and outside. Music can be helpful also when you are not feeling in mood, or even if you are feeling sleepy. Put some rock, or something that makes you move your feets, enough to give you back energy.

Stay on tune.

When you are working on projects that need a lot of hands on, if you are not in a managerial position, sometimes it is difficult to keep on tracking what everybody is doing and how your work impacts them, or the opposite. So, it is very important to stay in tune with the team.

Don´t be ashamed to ask for updates or to have private conversations with other team's members, so you can stay aware of any news. Having a channel where everyone is in, and chatting there constantly about how work is going on, can help you to be on day in work. 

No, You´re not going to be more productive working after hours.

When you work from home, the limits between home life and work just gets fuzzy.

And this happens very often if you're working in several time zones, because it is possible that your co-workers are still in working hours when you are ready to rest.

Make sure to make the lines clear for yourself, and always respect the cut moment that marks the "end of the day." If you've got a boss that messages you in after hours, start to reply by saying you'll check it out "tomorrow" or whenever in normal business hours.

It is important for you to start measuring your activity in working hours, so you can have a record of how much time it is going to take having done every assignment. Using an online timesheet is an excellent way of having control of your time and making it more productive, so this way you won't have to make extra hours.

Don´t forget to keep yourself motivated

When you are working remotely, you’re not having friendly encounters with your boss, you’re not getting the offhand "good job" every once in a while, and once you receive a complaint, it’s in text form. This could be bad for morale.

It also can step back your chances for promotions and raises, due to the out of sight/out of mind dynamic. A method to assist is to actively keep track of your accomplishments, whatever those metrics are. That way, you recognize why you need to be considered as seriously as your peers within the office, and may advocate for yourself. It’s also not unreasonable to ask your supervisors for feedback every once in a while. You don’t want to be a nuisance, but checking in at regular intervals may be a great way to make certain you’re on track—and remembered
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