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How to promote your business online?

Whether you own a small business, a billion dollar start-up or a hundred year old company have an online presence is essential to keep you going and growing. There are multiple strategies to promote your business online and getting the correct mix is critical to achieve your objectives.

One of the most important aspects to considering when planning you online strategy is having high quality contents in your website. You can achieve this using a number of techniques. For instance writing high quality original articles rather than copying and pasting them from other websites. This will give your website a better presence in search engines such as Google. It is also very important to have links from other websites. For example if your business deals with car parts, you want your website to be cited by car forums or other second hand car websites. This will happen naturally when people simply talk about your website. However, you can also have sponsored articles in other websites that talk about the subject (e.g. car parts) and link to your own business website. It is also possible to directly paid search engines to position your website at the top of the results section when people search for certain keywords. For the abovementioned example such keywords could be, for example: car, spare, parts, high quality, online.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a website in a web search engine’s (such as Google or Yahoo) without paying for it. But how can you do that? The process is quite complicated because each search engine will have its one rules. For example, you can use specific words and phrases that will add value to the website, or you could add metadata to the files that you upload. It is also important to choose which areas of your website can be “crawled” or accessed by the search engines to avoid showing data that their algorithms may consider of low quality.

Social media is also critical to your online strategy. It is a great way to show your products and keep people talking about them. Furthermore, you can answer questions and get precious feedback from you customers, often very quickly. As a result, you will be able to fine-tune your strategy. However, social media has its own drawbacks. For example, you may get very harsh critics, which may or may not adjust to the reality but you need to take care of them and take the time to answer them. Otherwise, prospect clients could think that your business is not trustworthy.

In summary, there are many different strategies to increase and improve your online presence. While some techniques such as generating high quality content can be done by oneself, others, such as defining the SEO strategy are often better left to a specialist SEO company.

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