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How to find a perfect job as a programmer

Looking for a job as a programmer looks like an easy task considering the large number of job opportunities that are currently available. In fact, the number of available position will increase over time due to the large number of applications that require programming. From websites to embedded systems, from medical applications to power generation stations programmers are required everywhere.
However, as a programmer, you will probably have your own skills and preferences about the companies where you would like to work or the positions that you would like to have to fulfil your dream career path. This will greatly reduce the number of opportunities available to you. But don’t be afraid! You should take this as a challenge to improve you CV and your skills. It is important to remember that in today’s world you will probably need to interact with a wide range of professionals, who may have a different background. Therefore, in your CV you should highlight not only the different programming languages that you know and the levels of proficiency but also make sure that you mention your soft skills. For example, you can describe the occasions when you have given presentation to customers or at conferences. Project management skills are also extremely important for your prospective employers and therefore you should prove that you have them, whether they are experience-based or you have a recognised certification.

Now you are probably thinking that you may need quite a lot of time to build this experience in a way that is interesting ad of great use for employers. A great way to do so is by participating in a hackathon. What is a hackathon? Hackathons are weekend-long technology festivals or online challenges powered by ai-enabled hiring platforms e.g. Programming challenges do play an important role in the recruitment process. Participating in hackathons is a great way to enrich your CV and be discovered by big brands.

As you can imagine participating in a hackathon you can easily and quickly demonstrate all the skills that are of interest to employers. First, you will show that you have the ability to manage and work in projects with a very tight deadline. You will also improve your team building and networking skills. This is of particular interest because in some interviewing processes you may find that an event similar to a small hackathon is organised with a few potential candidates. If you have already attended a real hackathon you will find the process much easier and you will feel at ease. You will also get the opportunity to talk to potential employers so they can remember you name and thus look at your CV with a better predisposition.

So if you get the opportunity to participate in a hackathon do not let it go. You will gain experience and raise your profile as well as making other players in the field aware of you outstanding skills. And probably your current employer is happy for you to attend to a hackathon to improve the corporate profile of the company.
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