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Ultrasound Meaning: of the animals or of us?

Our hearing has an audible capacity between 20 - 20,000 Hz, which means that it is a spectrum in which we are able to perceive the sounds that are produced in the environment; in the same way this explains that all sound whose acuity or gravity exceeds 20,000 Hz or on the contrary is not less than 20 Hz, will not be recognized by the human ear. When the sound exceeds 20,000 Hz, the prefix "Ultra" is added and then we talk about Ultrasound. In this case Ultrasound Meaning is what we are talking about and we are referring to the denomination in English of Ultrasounds.

Knowing this terminology is important and especially now, when little by little the importance of what Ultrasound Meaning is and its application in the different areas where we work is still studied. Because incredibly, as Armored Impact Windows can support and mitigate the damage of a hurricane grade 5, protecting its most precious assets, there is also technology to withstand the most unbearable noise (for the human ear) and mitigate it to do so, rather , helpful and functional for us.
The developments are based on the so-called echolocation method (used by some natural species for communication with ultrasound between them) that helps to visualize the topography of the land, or in times of total darkness or low light. At present, all this is used with radars, which are helpful in fields such as aeronautics to detect other spacecraft.
Similarly, when you want to extract some mineral from the subsoil and specify oil or even when it comes to water, the studies involve radars that emit ultrasound, because with the high frequencies and resonances of these, the presence is discovered and quantity of what is evaluated.
However, Ultrasound Meaning also helps in health, since it is from these ultrasounds that many study machines are supported for extension in the human body, which allow the observing doctor to interpret what is inside the body.
Another curiosity that we should clarify about the Ultrasound Meaning is that although the capacity or normal auditory spectrum is 20 to 20,000 Hz, with age that range is reduced, and sounds of greater frequency will be less and less perceived.
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