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How to protect your kids on Facebook?

The combination of children + Facebook does not have to be something "counterproductive." This space of social expression can be a good way for young people to interact more with friends and family, however, it is true that we must remain vigilant to use that children will give a social network.

To make the children use Facebook properly, this guide are some of the important considerations.

You know the terrain

Have Facebook profile? If your child is in this network and you do not, it is best that you think to create an account so you can understand what is in this site, both its pros and cons. And if you already have a profile, try to use all possible functions to better.

Tip: Having a profile will help you become familiar with terms such as "like", "touch", "wall", "timeline" and so on. If you are aware of all this, it will be easier to talk to your children about your activity on Facebook.

You Put limits

In each profile you can configure the privacy of the account, from making a profile and all information it contains is visible only to the user to allow any Internet user can see everything that is published. For a quick privacy settings you can click on the lock button at the top right of the Facebook homepage.

What is important?

Each person defines what is important to himself, but not everything fits that description should be shared on Facebook. You talk to your children about the scope that may have a malicious publication or may be misinterpreted; Also remind them that Facebook is a communication tool, but if you need to send something private is better to use options such as direct messages to people you trust.

Tip: Direct messages may be the best choice for your personal information if you do not have other means at any given time; however, smaller home can use them for anything, so it is important to know that the sender could easily take that content and use it against you.

Do your children have a Facebook profile? How do you seek to safety within this social network?
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