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Buy followers for social networks

When it seems that nothing can surprise on the Internet appears the news that in recent times have arisen web sites that offer social networking and especially Twitter followers. The range goes from 1,000 new followers $20 up to 25,000 whose price is around $350. So characters famous, athletes, actors, politicians, etc, require the services of these agencies and fatten quickly and artificial the number of followers on your social networks.
The consequences are that the volume of followers does not depend on this mode, pull the individual media, but what you are willing to spend. If the Twitter rules are reviewed you can read among other things, "the user may not use the services of Twitter for spamming purposes. The definition of what is considered "Spammig" or whatever it is sending spam, will change according to Twitter to respond to new tricks and tactics by spammers. Some of the factors that Twitter has in mind to determine that conduct is considered "spamming" are, if the user has tried to "sell" followers particularly through tactics considered aggressive or "according to" or "rotation of followers".

Despite the fact that the thing is not very clear, so if it seems is the purpose and the purpose of Twitter is to provide services that enable receive sources that may be of interest and share the content with others, since thus they claim on their website. The consequences of unforeseen activities well says it clear, "the user account can be suspended for violation of the conditions if they were certain some of the above described cases."

Still, you can find services like,,, or (in Spanish) that engages in Twitter followers plan to those who demand it payment is clear. With the knowledge that the followers of such or volume which famous can be fraudulent, the dismay of the more naive can make that they deletion followed to those who may be dubious of deception since many famous or “famosillos” (in Spanish) are surprised by the large number of people who follow them, despite not enjoy many sympathies.

But in addition, the article 1275 of the Civil Code stipulates that, "may be equally contract all services which are not contrary to law or good customs". What if it is clear, is that in times of crisis, ingenuity is acute and there are foreign companies, that's so innovative, surprise.

Good analysis of the situation just is asked legal to buy and sell social networking followers?
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